Your Marketing to Schools Roadmap

Easy to implement marketing recipes that turn teachers into customers, and customers into brand advocates.



We believe it should be the company with the best product, not the biggest budget, that makes it into schools. If you’ve got a product you genuinely believe benefits teaching and learning, then you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get recognised. Say ‘hello’ to EdAcademy, an interactive education specific marketing training platform designed to put the power to be seen in your hands.


Our 8 step roadmap walks you through each stage of turning strangers into customers, and customers into brand advocates, with a range of a la carte marketing lessons that can be instantly swiped and implemented in your business, for rapid results. You don’t need to be a marketing expert – we’ve done all the hard work over the years, so you don’t have to.



Discover our 8 Step Marketing to Schools Roadmap and plot a proven route to turning strangers into customers, and customers into brand advocates.


Work at your own pace through our easy to understand online lessons, knowing our team is at hand to personally guide you every step of the way.


Earn digital badges as you progress, and implement the strategies in your own business to see how they can rapidly help grow your business.


An 8 step marketing to schools roadmap

A growing library of education marketing lessons

Fully editable marketing worksheets and guides

Direct personal access to our team of marketers

Test and assignments to prove your understanding

Live training and Q&A webinars

Interviews with special guest education gurus

Exclusive discounts on education products / services

Try 14 days for just £1!

“If the education sector is ultimately about the learners, then the company with the best product should reach the most schools, not the company with the biggest budget.”
– Bryan Plumb. CEO, EdAcademy


We get that marketing probably isn’t your thing, you want to spend time improving your product and growing your business – that is exactly what EdAcademy facilitates. We have built an 8 step Marketing to Schools Roadmap that takes the principles of how humans build relationships, and applies them to the education sector. Our continually growing lesson library features succinct, easy to understand, instantly implementable marketing strategies that turn strangers into customers, and customers into brand advocates.

Selling the Transformational Shift to Teachers

Focus on USPs? Think it’s all about features and benefits? Stop! You need forget what you think you know, and start to focus on the transformational shift. Learn how to write persuasive copy that converts!

Discovering who your audience REALLY is

Do you REALLY know who your audience is? In this lesson, we outline how to define customer profiles so that you can ensure every message is tailored to your target customers super specific needs.

Reach Educators through Facebook Ads

Guess what? Educators hang out on Facebook. Learn how to reach them with targeted adverts and custom audiences in order to build awareness AND drive conversions. Get ready for a whole world of advertising fun!

Creating your yearly content planner

From guest blog posts to middle of funnel downloads, use our handy content planner to map out your entire blog strategy in just a few minutes. You seriously won’t want to miss this! much more!


One of our members sells an online English Language product to countries across the globe. They implemented a funnel using the methodologies taught by EdAcademy and within 4 weeks had over 300 leads, 180 conversations and over 80 demos booked.

The digital marketing funnel we have built is without doubt our most effective route to market! 
My website has gone from undiscoverable to being in the top rankings for relevant search terms, and stayed there!

1,420% increase in visitors, 902% increase in sessions over just 7 days.